Question Best Ice Chest/companion way step.


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What is the best Ice Chest/companion way step out there? Anyone use a Yeti (Rotoscoped-molded) style chest? If so, what size? Researching for the best fit, and it looks like the Grizzly 40 would work well. Let me know what you all are using. If you are like me, the one that came with the boat has probably been crushed a dozen times by now. Thanks in advance.
Hello! I bought the igloo 52 quart latitude cooler and it fits as perfect as can be. I have an actual step/dry box, so the cooler is placed behind it. I don't
trust stepping on the plastic lid. But even being behind the step, I found this cooler fits as well as can be, its almost like it was made just for the 24-Good luck!
Finally, a reply! Thank you very much for the insight nano, I will check that brand/model out. What do you use for the "step/dry box" then if the ice chest sits behind? Didn't all new 24's come with an ice chest/step with a glued on teak looking step?
I'm not sure about that. Some model years may have had something different compared to others. Mine is a 1989. I would have to say the step in mine is an original part, based on the fact it is molded to fit exactly in the space between the side bunks. I've included some pics of the step and cooler. The step has been refinished by me, there was no non skid on it when I bought the boat.


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Wow nano, that look CAAAAALLLEEEEEEENN! Awesome set-up, thank you for the pics! Dare anyone on this forum to beat that! Post your pics.