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    Skipper Johnson - RACE 2 !

    nice job skipper! a little advice on wind shifts: hold a steady course and as soon as you see your sail begin to luff tack, you are now on a lift. Brendan
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    Main sheet block

    i used to have the ratchamatic but i found that after a few days of difficult sailing the spring in the autosensor broke, so i just got a regular carbo block and have had no problems.
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    Main sheet block

    125 pounds in a full rig in 25 knt winds? did you have any reef in your sail? I currently use a Harken 60mm CarboBlock, It works great! i'd highly recomend it although they can be pricey... Brendan
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    Wanted - Carbon Fiber tiller

    Make that two carbon fiber tillers...
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    Daily Masters MidWinters East Reports from our own Merrily in Clearwater, FL

    Re: Daily MidWinters East Reports from our own Merrily in Clearwater, FL yes sailor327, you should write a washingtons B-day report! and include who won first in 4.7 fleet! ha, just playin with ya! but you did reall well out there! see you at naples! (hopefully)
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    Which rig?

    haha, very funny sailor327!
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    Which rig?

    I too have the same problem, i am between 140-145 and about 5'7'', but very muscular. Currently, i sail a 4.7, but i am thinking about moveing up. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated. Thank you! Brendan
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    2003 Laser..Really new used less than 30times..includes tons of stuff, has to go fast

    Any chance you would sell just the carbon tiller/extension? Or trade a new alluminum tiller/extension+money for it? Thank you, Brendan
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    Anyone tried this boat??

    WOW! never seen that boat before, but it looks pretty sweet! seems like a cross between a laser and a 29er... best of both worlds! Brendan
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    Cool Guys

    Very creative! Brendan
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    1990 White Laser WITH KittyHawk Traile, Extra Sail, and more - POULSBO,WA

    Any chance you would be willing to sell the carbon fiber tiller?! Thank you, Brendan
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    outhaul blocks

    Thank for the input! OliLaser, would it be possible for you to attach a photo of the system that you described? thank you very much! Brendan
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    outhaul blocks

    Often times in heavy winds, i will have trouble quickly and easily adjusting my outhaul. Would it be legal to create a system where there would be a double block system attached to the eye on the boom, and single block system (with tie-off like on cunningham) on the eye of the sail just to make...
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    2005 LaserPro STD Rig D-25 San Diego

    any chance you would be willing to sell just the carbon fiber tiller and extension? Brendan
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    Car topping - racks

    For the boat and spars, my dad just bought the Thule roof rack system with 64 inch bars, however, there isnt enough room on those racks for the lower section of the mast so i would have gone with the 72 inch bars, but whats done is done. Furthermore, when you for pads etc. get about 10 feet of...