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    Laser boat database - potential project

    Hi Don't know about you lot but I get curious about all the different Lasers and where/what/how they are sailing. I also want to keep track of where my boat has gone after I have sold it and vice-versa for new ones. I have some time on my hands at the moment and was wondering if it would be...
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    Need Help please

    Boat seems to have been used by US Olympian Rob Crane in the 2009 Halifax Laser Worlds 2009 Halifax Canada - Day 2/3 Hurricane Ahead | Seabreeze
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    Need Help please

    Judging by that mast base it has never been used. What a gift!
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    Need Help please

    Not a bad free gift at all...did you end up selling it? Any more pics of when it was cleaned up?
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    Laser changes over time

    same! want to see the condition..
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    Carbon filler - pin hole worn through

    Thank you Eddie, that seems like a great option and one which I think I will pursue. The aim is to get the fit almost perfect as currently there is a bit of play.
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    Carbon filler - pin hole worn through

    Thank you very much. I will work on that then.
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    Carbon filler - pin hole worn through

    Hi I have been given a few carbon tillers over time and each one has had the pin holes worn through so the tiller becomes loose. I am back into sailing now and am wanting to use one. I have tried contacting some of the carbon places in Auckland but with no luck on a response yet, was hoping...
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Finally I have found what this model was. Thank you. It has annoyed me ever since I saw one when I was younger in Dubai half buried in the sand in a wooden box that looked like it was not owned by anyone. Now I think about it I wonder if the box was the original packaging!