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    D15 Spring Break Regatta (Seabrook SC)

    We survived Ike as best we could and are ready to start the D15 year off with the first circuit event of the season. Join us on March 14 and 15 for the Spring Break Laser Regatta at the Seabrook Sailing Club. We have restroom facilities, shade from sun and rain, changing rooms, and will have a...
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    Center Board Chip

    One relevant thread... There are others. I found them searching for marine tex. I fixed about a 1" triangle that broke off the tip of my CB with Marine Tex. To support the goo, I inserted two headless skinny short...
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    Laser for beginners.. is it easy?

    Re: Laser for begineers.. is it easy? You're going to love the Laser. Like you, I learned to sail on the Laser. I was not so lucky as you to have instruction when I started. It took me a few months to learn the basics, mostly by reading in books and on here, TLF. Once I joined a sailing club...
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    Race Equipment Questions - wind direction compass, etc.

    As many of you know, our club, Seabrook Sailing Club, was damaged by Ike. As a result, most of our race gear washed away. We've reclaimed a lot, but some major items need replacing, now. We miraculously found our racing flags, and even a few hippity hop marks, but the gear bags are all gone...
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    hole in my sail

    Here's how I fixed a hole in my sail. I'm already laughing as I start this reply...I was a real shlemiel when I was a newbie. Soon after getting my brand new boat and sail and using it a few times in Galveston Bay, I decided to rinse off the sail on my lawn. Naturally, I did so with a cigarette...
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    Hurricane Ike Update

    SSC's latest news: Seabrook Sailing Club Newsletter - Under Construction Your Board of Governors wanted to keep you informed on what is going on with your Club. This is an exciting time of rebuilding. They want you to be involved and knowlegable about the re-building. Since Hurricane IKE...
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    Hurricane Ike Update

    We're happy for you guys! I'm still off waiting for teh power to come back on at school.
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    Hurricane Ike Update

    John is amazing! Car battery and the modem...I love it. We had our board meeting yesterday. First step is to clean up the grounds and make it safe. There's lots of glass all over the place, and the harbor needs to be swept clear of any submerged debris. Then, we'll set up some nice port-o-cans...
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    Hurricane Ike Update

    Merrily, Sorry we let Ike keep going so strongly once he ate us up. Hang in there. We're having an emergency SSC board meeting tomorrow morning at our commodore's house in League City. We have had Club stuff found amid the debris inland, and the clubhouse structurally seems to be weak and will...
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    Hurricane Ike Update

    Greetings Laserites. Ike has come and done its worst to the Galveston Bay area. Seabrook Sailing Club took a direct hit and was washed out. Fortunately, the members evacuated all of their boats before Ike came through. Here's a link to Chris Kuhlman's pictures of the area and the clubhouse and...
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    Colourful Laser Radial Sail

    I can understand the different bolts of fabric stretching slightly differently, but the UV damage...I dunno. Ha ha..I can hear the discussion taking this kind of turn: The sail is faster if the light colors are in the lower part of the sail and the darker colors are in the top, thus making the...
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    What a difference a disc makes!

    I think I may be doing something unneeded. I have #179936 (4 yr old boat) and got one of the stanless disks and pop it in the mast step when i rig. It's not glued in, but I feel good knowing there's something extra keeping the bottom plug from grinding into the bare bottom of the step. I...
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    Afraid of racing!

    The BEST way to learn to race and advance is by'll have a steep learning curve and make quick gains the more you are on the race course. Go for it, and have fun, too.
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    Laser Medal Race; what was he thinking?

    How about ITA's Romero pulling off the bronze at 5'7" 154 lbs!?! I know, the races were generally in light air, but I'm still happy to see a shorty like me win a medal in the Laser class. :cool:
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    upgrade outhaul

    The small ring on the black line on the rudder is a rudder safety holding ring that goes through a hole in the pintle and is designed to keep the rudder head from accidentally sliding out. I almost forgot it is on there standard, since i never use it since it's redundant to the function of the...