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    2000 Laser for SALE #171070

    Where is this boat located?
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    Laser stories

    Hey those stories can teach me a thing or two, like make sure to tie a good knot. :) Hey guys, thanks for the stories!
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    Laser stories

    He he ha ha, good one. :)
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    Laser stories

    Wow, thanks everyone for the stories! I liked the last one because that happend to me with my FJ. hehehaha.
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    Laser stories

    Hey that is quite a story!
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    How do I mend this deck?

    Wow, you have quite a project going there!
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    How do I mend this deck? Replacing a mast step without a kit.

    Re: How do I mend this deck? Wow, you have quite a project going there!
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    Laser stories

    This is just a general post for stories. Anyone and everyone post your best, worst, funniest, least funniest laser stories here.:D I dont have any yet because I just got into laser sailing so post yours! :) It will give all of us something to read during the winter months.
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    1995 Laser For SALE!!

    Where is it located?
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    1981 Laser Radial

    Ok, thanks. I guess I'll be looking for somthing closer.: )
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    Looking fora used laser in Washington, Oregon

    I am looking for a used Laser that is in good enough shape to club race, has upgrades, and it dosesnt need to have a trailer but if possible a dolly. If you have a better deal just post it, I will look at anything you post here, even if it dosent meet the criteria that I put here. if posible I...
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    1993 laser for sale 148991

    I understand, thanks for replying.
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    1994 Laser for sale

    Is it still 4 sale? If it is could you send me some photos? Thanks.
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    1981 Laser Radial

    What is the price of the laser, and is it located anywhere near Washington state? thanks