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    CA DMV registration stickers

    In California, DMV registration of a laser is required by law for a boat based here. Placing the sticker and numbers on the hull is required by law. I have the sticker and numbers on my hull. Having said that, I agree with the comment above - there is little risk of being challenged if you...
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    Close haul tacking

    Yes. In fresh conditions, when the vang is pulled in hard, it can be a little hard to get through the tack and you sometimes find the boat in irons. In those conditions a little ease of the vang before the tack helps. I'm not talking a lot - just enough to allow the end of the boom to raise...
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    Close haul tacking

    When I was a young padawan, moving out of a kids' dinghy class and into a "grown up" dinghy, I sailed a Europe. I was too light for a Laser in those days (the radial rig hadn't been invented and the latest video game was called Pong.). Anyway - in a Europe dinghy the boom sweeps the deck...
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    Mast length modified

    Bend - yes. You can straighten a minor bend yourself. Crack - yes around the rivet holes. The idea is to face the rivet holes aft, so that as the mast bends under sail, the rivet holes are compressed rather than stretched.
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    Can someone give PDF version of Ben AInslie book "Laser Campaign manual"?

    I can guarantee you that I will not. Look - I'm assuming you are a smart guy. I could happily spend time discussing both the moral and legal issues around the protection of intellectual property - it is a significant part of my day job - but you've made it clear you don't want to do that. You...
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    Telltales of the 2002 Laser Worlds

    In other classes (without strict one-design sails) and in keel boats it has always been my practice to use a lot of telltails on a new sail for the first few outings (preferably not when racing) in order to learn about that sail in various wind strengths and on various points of sail. I take...
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    a boat house

    Danial, You have some special climate considerations in your location. You can get away with covered, but open (not enclosed) storage and you need to put a special emphasis on making sure you have NO standing water and that you get ventilation through your boats. You should have no shortage...
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    Problems Sailing to Windward

    If you have the "new" rigging you will not have a problem getting the necessary vang tension. If you do not, then I can understand why you might be having a problem.
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    Laser 2 help needed -

    There UK Class site is a good reference. I think I still have, somewhere, the original rigging guide that came with my (UK) Laser 2 (sold many years ago) but I think you can download it from the above site. I'm sure you can find the Vanguard version...
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    Sailing in the rain?

    Where I grew up, if we didn't go sailing in the rain, we would never have gone sailing at all. I do draw the line at sailing in falling snow however. I remember one winter series race on The Solent (not lasers - big boats) during a rare snowfall, thinking that there must be more pleasant ways...
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    Shortening a carbon fiber tiller extension

    I'd echo the thoughts on being sure you really want to cut it. Mine is uber-long (over 50") and I was convinced I wanted to cut it when I first started using it. But the more I sail with it, the more I like it. I'm still deciding. But I have cut carbon before, and add this tip. Wrap the...
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    Sailing the Atlantic

    I have to agree. I mean no disrespect, but frankly, if you have to ask these questions you have a long way to go before I would consider you as even ready to take your boat outside a sheltered harbor. Sorry. I'd start with a visit to your library. A very well set up Caravel 22 is capable of...
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    Maybe it goes without saying, but in addition to the correct advice above, be careful to put the weight evenly on both legs. It is surprisingly easy to favor a leg on each tack. I did this (as part of my poor technique) when a teenager and am still suffering as a result.
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    Advice to Newbs - Lessons learned from first sail

    For most of us, capsizing by rolling in to windward while sailing downwind in waves is more common than a capsize to leeward. As you develop your skills, you'll find that leeward capsizes become relatively rare.