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    Cutting back the Tiller

    Has anyone ever cut back their tiller so it's more comfortable to sit farther aft and more towards the middle of the boat (it would seem a little more stable if your heavier and easier to carry 2 people) ? Just wondering- Thanks, James
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    Sunfish vs. Super Sailfish

    Yes, but what a cool, classic boat the Sailfish is !! (if you're not interested in racing). Would definitely be a very fun and wet boat. I'm wondering about taking 2 people on a Sailfish- how much weight and still have positive flotation (at or above center line of the hull).
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    Walker Bay 10 vs Sunfish

    I need help/advice please. I want to reinforce my 11 yr. old's sailing skills. We go to the beach 2-3 times a year to sail Hobies. She can helm a Hobie 16 (Getaway) with jib as long as I'm on the boat giving instruction. In-between times at the beach I need a small dinghy for local lake to...
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    Walker Bay 8 or 10 rigid

    I've searched high and low and I can't find anyone who has experienced righting a capsized Walker Bay rigid. It seems like it would be almost impossible to get back into it without the stabilizing tubes. Creative work-around maybe ? : ) James
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    Newbie Question Sailor's Weight

    I'm about 260 lbs. and on light wind days I have to sit on the middle aft deck (at the middle back of the cockpit) to balance. Has anyone just shortened (sawed off) part of a wooden tiller to use on non-racing fun days so it's easy to sit in the middle and steer ? Otherwise it's impossible to...
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    How many miles sailed in one day ?

    Hi All, Just wondering how many miles people have sailed in one direction- in one day- and made it back to the launch site (whether stopping to rest or not) ? ....or anything else (cool stories) related to lengthy distances and/or times (long cruises, etc.). Thanks James
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    Getting Back Into the Boat

    Heeyyy Blue Heron II, Pensacola is GREAT !!! Grew up sailing hobies off the beach over there :-)
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    Need a few sunfish parts.

    You can probably find rope good enough for your main sheet at a local Ace or Walmart if not racing (or even if racing). I know I have. :-)
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    Getting Back Into the Boat

    I'm thinking it might work with Alan Glos' idea of stirrup loop but on a long enough rope (a couple feet shy of the full length of your body) so you can bend your leg out behind you just a little, away from the boat. Then, while you're straightening your leg out behind you and coming up out of...
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    Getting Back Into the Boat

    Has anyone seen this? It looks like an easy way to get back into the boat. James
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    A new Respect for Sailors of smaller Boats

    Welcome aboard young man!! Lots of fun communing with nature!!!
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    Unstayed Sailboats

    ...sail & booms, Craigslist, local, $100. Sail still crisp- unbelievable !! mast, also local Craigslist, $100- again, I got very lucky. James
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    Unstayed Sailboats

    Thanks Guys !!!! LOL!!!! Minifish2, I wish I could get one of those 289 footers !!!! :-) Thanks for all the input guys. I don't know if you remember me from earlier posts, but I'm the goof that has the "FrankenHack" boat. It's a Force 5- with all F5 rigging and I have Sunfish rigging for it...
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    Unstayed Sailboats

    Can someone please tell me some other types of unstayed sailboats (that have a tube for stepping the mast) besides Sunfish, Laser or Force 5 ?? Maybe one that can fit 3-4 comfortably- if possible ?? Thanks James
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    Plastic rings or rope???

    Thanks Wavedancer and Kevin!! Actually, I just ordered a set of rings from Intensity Sails. Thanks for the good info. James