How many miles sailed in one day ?

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Hi All,

Just wondering how many miles people have sailed in one direction- in one day- and made it back to the launch site (whether stopping to rest or not) ?

....or anything else (cool stories) related to lengthy distances and/or times (long cruises, etc.).

My sis just got her sunfish- first sailboat ever. She's been out on it 4 times and this weekend she took it out for a 10 mile one way trip to a deserted island, camped for the weekend and sailed it back. Lost the rudder hitting a sandbar, had to get towed back after walking miles through marshes...whew...glad i wasn't there.
She's up in NC so it was also getting chilly (50s) so it sounded like one of those "cutting your teeth" kind of trips.
This doesn't really count, but I sailed 95 miles last Friday around a ca. 0.45 mile course (about 250 laps...).
Average moving speed was 25 mph; my GPS said the max speed was over 40.

I was a hurt'in unit at the end of the day...

Interactive track: Atlantic City, NJ (3) 2 Laps

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Were you racing or just 'having fun'?
No organized racing, but a number of us were keeping very close tabs on relative speeds/positions of our close competitors, so I'd say some of us were de-facto racing...
Passing the clumps of slower "cruisers" was a great test of boat (kart?) handling, especially on the narrow taxiway leg.