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    Boom Reinforcing Sleeve installation

    I was really surprised to see this since I last posted on this thread five years ago. Your photos are great. However, the things that stick in my mind are that I ended up using an inexpensive blow torch to remove the plugs. Much easier than any mechanical method. Also, get a heavy duty hand...
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    Removing 5200 from mast step

    I put an aluminum disc in my mast step using 5200. However, I used a bit much and because it was clear I did not notice for 2 days, but now I see some on top of the aluminum disc. Anyone done this? How hard is it to get out? Any suggestions? If I could get it loose, I'm sure I could use my...
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    Boom Reinforcing Sleeve installation

    Youi cut the spar in half to push the endcap out? While I did not cut my boom in half, I will agree that it was a lot of trouble to remove. Various mechanical means such as using pliers, drills and jig saws proved worthless. I ended up using a small blow torch and melting it off.
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    Laser Sailing in Destin, Florida (rental?)

    It's what the locals call the green stuff in the water that is either algae or seaweed or something. I've been to Destin a number of times and never seen it before. It may be gone by now. Does not affect sailing since it is mostly close to shore, but it obscures the clear water and makes the...
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    Laser Sailing in Destin, Florida (rental?)

    I was in Destin a couple of weeks ago. Took a couple of Sunfish and a seitech dolly. The sand is deep, and it took three of us to drag a boats across the beach. They were renting some Hobies (Hobie Wave I think) near the Whale's Tail you can sail off the beach. Same guy rents jet skis, etc...
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    I have the $100 insert in the centerboard trunk dolly for my Sunfish. If anyone wants to buy it let me know. However, there are a couple of problems with this type of dolly. First, it only works on hard surfaces. It is useless or worse than useless on sand etc. Second, it balances funny...
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    Questions on painting laser.

    That was my thought. Do you want it to look pretty or go fast? I would think that wet sanded fiberglass would be faster than paint.
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    Nearly Capsized

    I've taught the sailing merit badge to scouts and the first thing I have them do is practice capsizing and turning the boat back up. Its going to happen and you need to be ready for it. It is essential that you 1) are wearing a lifejacket 2) make sure your rudder, daggerboard and mast are...
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    I have seen some postings about people who were happy with dollies other than Seitech, but are similar. I have also seen some with plans for home built dollies that people were happy with. However, I purchased a Seitech for myself because I had once tried to build a homemade dolly for my...
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    Boom Reinforcing Sleeve installation

    Thanks for replying. Since I would be reinforcing an older boom with all the hardware already attached, can I just leave the vang hardware attached? or do I need to remove it and reattach riveting through the sleeve? Seems like because the sleeve is smaller, it would fit without removing the...
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    Boom Reinforcing Sleeve installation

    OK, while this is a lot of explaination, I'm still confused. My question only concerns installing the rinforcing sleeve, not cutting off top section spars and through bolting hardware. The class rules are pretty clear as to where it goes, and it would appears that the forward mainsheet boom...
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    Which drain plug?

    Actually, it is easy to enlarge the hole if you have the right drill bit. Do not use a paddle style wood bit, yes it will be cheap, but it will make a mess of the fiberglass. Get a regular bit of the right size. I have found the Beckson plug, which I believe is the current standard and sold at...
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    Will I hurt my boat by leaving it moored for a few days?

    I assume you are taking the mast/sails off each night. I don't know about Lasers, but I know leaving a dry sailed keelboat without bottom paint on it in the water for a few days during a regatta will result in some slimy stuff on the bottom. It is worse in salt water.
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    Cunningham Quick Release

    I had this same question. The official laser upgrade package instruct you to tie three bowlines in a shoelace thick line. I can tie bowlines with my eyes closed, but this seems a waste of time to have to retie every time, and it is a hassle to untie such a skinny line. Does anyone know for sure...
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    Best instructional book for laser? shows Championship Laser Racing by Glenn Bourke with an April 2007 copyright date. The book was originally published in 1993. Does anyone know if this is an updated or second edition of the book (with the new controls discussed) or is this just some sort of misinformation put out by...