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    Hull Fairing - "hook" found at stern

    Hello, I've decided to dry sail my Capri and have removed all the anti-foul and other bottom paint to fair and repaint the hull. While checking the hull after sanding, I found that the last 6 inches of the hull where it meets the stern has a about a 1/2' " depression or "hook". It this hook...
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    Racing sails worth it?

    For you racers and cruisers, I am still using what I believe to be the original sails on my '84 capri 14.2. What gains can i expect with a new set of racing sails? I expect I will be able to point higher, but will i notice speed improvement? Or should I just pick up an old Hobie 16 for the same...
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    Discovering the limits of a Capri 14.2

    I've enjoyed sailing my mod 1 for the last few years, usually in the light winds of summer on the lower Potomac river. I went out last monday, 4/16 with a forecast of 80 degrees and 10 -15 mph from the south, perfect for my sailing area, strong wind and little room for the waves to build. By 3pm...