Hull Fairing - "hook" found at stern

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I've decided to dry sail my Capri and have removed all the anti-foul and other bottom paint to fair and repaint the hull. While checking the hull after sanding, I found that the last 6 inches of the hull where it meets the stern has a about a 1/2' " depression or "hook". It this hook supposed to be there as in made this way or do i need to fair it flat? I can't imagine this "hook" helping an already slow boat! The boat is stored on a trailer over the winter months and in the water for the rest of the season.

Thanks in advance for your replies!!

Steve, I have a 1993 Mod2, and I am quite sure it does not have that depression you describe. I did however have a couple of depressions at the front where the hull makes contact with the front guide roller. This boat sat on the trailer for several years, probably had some junk stored in it as well. Never tried to re-fair it and just as well, cause it slowly disappeared by itself.
Hopefully another member will throw some light on your situation !