Discovering the limits of a Capri 14.2

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I've enjoyed sailing my mod 1 for the last few years, usually in the light winds of summer on the lower Potomac river. I went out last monday, 4/16 with a forecast of 80 degrees and 10 -15 mph from the south, perfect for my sailing area, strong wind and little room for the waves to build. By 3pm it was gusting to 28mph! Here is what I learned:
The capri 14 will not tack in winds over 20mph with full sail up.
The capri 14 will plane on a reach in winds over 20mph.
You can go to windward with just the jib, but it takes some practice!
I will limit my sailing days to a max forecast of 15mph!
It was an exciting, scary ride.

I sail primarily out of Monroe Bay near Colonial Beach, but usually wait until later in the Spring and in the Summer. I've got a roller furler on the jib, so I usually just furl the jib if the wind gets to be too much. All that info is good to know, thanks!
Hello Steve, great thread ;)

You mentioned tacking over 20mph, could you clarify that a bit more... Are you saying it's not possible to sail to windward? (I take that as meaning anything closer than a beam reach!)

And, do you think a smaller suit of sails could make the difference?
I found that the harder the wind is blowing, the less I can point upwind. And, I usually sail solo too. I had reefing points sewn into the main, so I can venture out in somewhat heavier winds. I do love when I can surf the boat across the lake or bay on motorboat wake or small rollers.

I have not tried this myself, but I was thinking of rigging the boat of with more aft rake in the mast on the heavy air days. I talked to a friend and he thought it might allow the boat to point a little better on the windy days. Has anyone tried this?

Spring break, I hauled my Capri to Florida and had my 12 yr old son with me, about 85 lbs - not strong enough to work the jib sheet, and not much for ballast either. We were going to sail the Choctawhatchee Bay for the afternoon, on the south end of the bay with SWS winds so the water was flat on the bay.

Rigging up the the boat, I got the mast up and a my halyards blew away from me. So I decided to reef the main. Then I saw flags blowing straight, so I thought I could sail without the jib. Then I saw a windsurfer going about 30mph across the bay. At this point I decided to pack up and head back home. It would have been a fun day with someone heavier and with experience. I pictured myself capsized with my son and the mast stuck in the mud... I think calling it off that day was a good decision.

I have sailed solo on a lake high wind advisory days, but that is a lot different than getting onto a big bay in Florida in similar conditions.