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    Insails or Rooster replica sail ?

    Mike Pascoe of is the local reseller of Rooster sails (~NZ$370). Bought a couple of sails from him and other parts too and found them all good and great value.
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    the boat whisperer-worth it?

    I'm only a hack sailor but in one race last season I managed to use a tip from the Upwind DVD that had me sailing much higher than other sailors in light winds. I confused the younger sailors completely with it and almost beat a 55kg junior sailing full rig with my 97kg frame. The junior has...
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    Mine is actually still in pretty good nick. I lucked in. My step son used the boat for all his...

    Mine is actually still in pretty good nick. I lucked in. My step son used the boat for all his training for the Youth world Radials held in Auckland this year. Fortunately he now has a shiny new one (193023) so I can get my boat back. Although the ski fields are holding more interest at the...
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    Restricted Entry to Masters World Champs

    Good to see it is reasonaly open. Does anyone have any idea when initial allocation of numbers from each country will be made?
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    blew out my mast box

    Mr Zimm, I note that your photos are identical to those on the supplier's website. Do you have a financial interest in promoting this product?
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    Restricted Entry to Masters World Champs

    To me the issue is whether the World Masters is for the best sailors or for all the sailors. If selection is required then there needs to be other international events for us mid-fleeters. I can think of nothing better than using sailing as my excuse for an exotic holiday but if I have to...
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    Sailing With Others Aboard

    Good to see dad and son out together. I have taken my 11 year old out as well with no problems. Even let him go on his own in 2-3 knots. It looked great having him fully hiked in those conditions and blitzing past all the other sailors. I struggled in his Opti though!
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    Restricted Entry to Masters World Champs

    Tracy, Many thanks for your clarifications. I also have heard that Terrigal was a great event but if the limiting of numbers is because of issues with handling boats then that is something that can be fixed. Selection criteria is a worry. Again I do not know for sure but have heard that New...
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    Restricted Entry to Masters World Champs

    I have just found out that from 2009 onwards Masters World Championships will have a restricted entry with numbers of places being allocated to countries. Is this not against the general principals of the more social aspects of masters sailing? Yes, it is important for the top sailors to have...
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    It's Wednesday Night redundancies again

    If Zoophyte is correct and has the right number of redundancies then the number of redundancies is 50 redundancies ... oops now that's 55 redundancies ... oops 56 redundancies...
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    How To Install A Self Bailer First Time?

    What size O-rings do you use - mine have gone and I have been advised that new ones (5mm) from the nearest automotive shop is the way to go?
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    Another Beautiful Day

    We don't have to worry about ice on the lake and the skifield is only 20 minutes away so we can be skiing quicker than if we had to rig the laser.
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    Another Beautiful Day

    25 degrees Celcius( I think about 77 F) 15 knots on Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand. We've got our dinghy regatta coming up in a week and a half. You northerners deserve a break down south.