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    BRAND NEW Laser parts 15% off or more

    Collin, I need three good clew straps. Do you have any, and if so how much including shipping to get them to 67010. Thanks, Franknprintr
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    Starts (racing in dinghies/skiffs)

    Thanks tammi5256. Your words of positive-informative-inspiration are just that...positive, informing and... thank you very much...inspiring. I'm working on improving my starts and it's always nice to hear that they will get better... sometimes I wonder. I'll keep your thoughts in mind the next...
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    French Laser sailor looking for a correspondent

    Good evening Martin, My wife and I are both teachers. I teach high school biology and my wife teaches middle school art. I sail a Laser and Snipes and race locally. We live in Wichita Kansas on thirty acres with a great dog and a fine cat. If you would like to stay with us and sail everyday (or...
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    wet suit or dry suit?

    I'll be the first to admit, I'm a total wee-knee when it comes to cold water. Given that, I justified the expense in my little brain and broke down and bought a Kokatat front entry dry suit. I can't complain. It's been great. I don't feel uncomfortable wearing it at all and I can't say that my...
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    cold weather sailing gear

    Deeman: Thanks for the cold weather gear article... good advice and great links. * I've got a new Kokatat drysuit that I haven't had out on the water yet. I've been trying to break it in a bit on land. I'm hoping it softens up soon. It's stiff as a board right now. Time will tell. And hey...
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    GPS or gadget for recording sailing tracks and data

    The Speedpuck is the way to go Deeman. It's good to 25 or 30' below the surface... not that you want to take it snorkeling. Let's just say it's waterproof. Relative to the cost, it's worth it. You can replay several days of sailing on your PC. (it's easy) The Speedpuck will also give you knots...
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    Where...Laser Race Training Coaching Camp Seminar for "Masters"

    It's a two day trip getting to the DR from Kansas, but I'm looking and thinking about it for Sring Break 2012. Thanks for the post Rob... good to hear from someone first hand that also sounds to be a "master." Cheers
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    Black Diamond Tiller and Tiller Extension.

    Zoey: If the tiller still fits tight in the rudder head I'll offer you $100 for the tiller and extension. Let me know... and just out of curiosity, how long is the extension? Thanks, Franknprintr in KS :)
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    Where...Laser Race Training Coaching Camp Seminar for "Masters"

    Excellent Torrid. Thanks. I'm going to check out the Dominican Republic. I have their video and have learned a lot from it... first hand experience on the water though would obviously be a whole new ball game. Thanks again. Maybe I'll see you in Cabarete... Cheers
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    Where...Laser Race Training Coaching Camp Seminar for "Masters"

    I'm a 50 year old "Master" and would like to improve my Laser sailing... at least enough to beat the local Snipe sailors in handicap racing... and possibly beyond. No Olympic campaigns in the future, but I would like to get much better. Anyone have any recommendations on good Laser coaching...
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    Help kick up my rudder...but not "on the rocks???"

    How does one go about kicking up a Laser rudder and have it stay in place... preferably not on the rocks? Thanks... I keep seeing pictures with Lasers on dollys and the rudders are obviously "up." Maybe I need the Laserrudderkickupupgrade... "not." Just some good advice... Thanks again.