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    White Spars on Laser

    I want colored spars!
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    iPad Anyone?

    They are called EBE's Merrily. Go easy on your EBE's.
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    Official Sail with no button

    what is the point of the button?
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    Wife controls my laser sailing

    i think genetic cloning is illegal. plus, where would he get the funding? thats part of the problem Optophobia.
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    Store on side

    Really? How is anyone able to know that?
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    racing simulators
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    Laser deck cleaning

    i think the pressure washer works great. i have a low powered one, something like 1500 psi. i spray my boat down every now and then.
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    Rolled vs folded sails

    Fold -to bend (cloth, paper, etc.) over upon itself. when i roll my sails i bend the sail over itself. how do other people do it?
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    what do yall think

    It looks like there is an itty bitty change in color/composition near the tack of the sail. It still looks like this happens way too far up the mast to be the bottom of the sail on the mast. (if that makes any sense...^) So er111a, you holding out on us with a new sail design you have...
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    what do yall think

    I have a question about the original picture.. Why can you see the mast? it looks like its aluminum and not sail over it? Am I crazy?
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    Laser 2 transport

    Check how much the racks bend when you put the boat on top.
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    Cleaning up spars?

    That is awesome. That looks like a great project. I agree, it is time to see a souped up laser. I have always wanted black spars.. but why go black when you can go pink?
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    Cleaning up spars?

    How would you anodize them? Isn't that a pretty tough process?
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    Hanging Mainsheet While Gybing

    I really do like it. I wish I could show my non-laser sailing friends..
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    Recommendations for roller reefing main

    I've never had a problem with the boat tied to a dock in heavy wind. I don't think its good for the sails but the boat didn't tip over.