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    You might be going through sailing withdrawl if...

    The thoght of sailing enters your brain while doing what you thought was your favorite thing
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    Mainsheet blocks

    When in a steady wind and/or on a steady course, it's nice to be able to let go of the sheet and enjoy the ride!
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    Mainsheet blocks

    Yeah, but I have a free hand to hold a beer or swat greenheads!
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    Mainsheet blocks

    Good point, But I've never had a problem with it I use the snap it method!.While the sheet is cleated, The end in my hand is loose enough to give it a quick upward snap to release, The only time I ever dumped her in a race was while Jibing
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    Can I rent a Sunfish in Boca Area of Fla?

    I will be on Vaca in Boca for a week startind Feb 11th. I have an old '67 Fish and would love to do some sailing while in Fla. I am from NJ and Always dreamed of sailing in the clear water of Fla! Maybe sail with someone with a couple of boats?:)
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    Disassembling a Sunfish

    There are usually many free or cheap hull only situations out there, but if you wish to rebuild this hull for (fun) or ?, Then Good Luck! Keep us updated. I was given a solid boat but very heavy, like 250lbs. I dried her out and got her down to 165, not too bad for a '67, Made some upgrades and...
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    Mainsheet blocks

    Harken make an excellent item called a swivel cleat. It's about $30.00 if memory serves me but worth every penny! It is the first and best upgrade every Sunfish should have!