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    Easy to capsize?

    I currently own a 1999 Catalina Capri 14.2 . Believe it or not, I have also been looking for a P165. As of last week I almost went to North Carolina to buy this one> 2006 Precision Boat Works 165 sailboat for sale in North Carolina I love my Catalina Capri 14.2, but I would love to have...
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    Is this Capri 14.2 Mast?

    Hello Ryan, I am an owner of a 1999 Catalina Capri 14.2 . Below you can see two pictures. For the first picture, look at the upper right and you will see the bottom of the mast. For the second picture, that is what the top of my mast looks like. Happy to answer questions! -Jarrett
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    Looking for used Capri 14.2's

    Look on craigslist with the area "Ann Arbor, MI". If you use the search term "catalina capri 14.2" there are a few floating around over here.
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    Hobie Baby bob brackets | should I make some for you guys?

    I just sold the last bracket a week ago. Will be making more ASAP with a few modifications that I see fit. I will post a picture of the new bracket on this thread once I make more. Ill also add a email you can use to contact me if you are interested in purchasing one. For now, standby.
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    Hobie Baby bob brackets | should I make some for you guys?

    I got my 1998 hull#4680 capri 14.2 late fall/early winter. Never sailed it yet. Ive seen a lot of posts regarding flotation and turtling. I am perfecting a baby bob bracket that bolts right on to my mast. Currently making my 4th version. The bracket uses the bolt on top of the mast that is for...
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    Easy to capsize?

    Tjspiel You made some good points. I love my 1999 hull #4680 14.2!
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    New to me Catalina 14.2: See pic spreader travel movement seems off

    Glad to know its not just me with the "issue". Thanks. Maybe Ill modify the bracket somehow to allow more travel and post my modification on this forum.
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    New to me Catalina 14.2: See pic spreader travel movement seems off

    I am worried that the spreaders (or spreader bracket) will get bent when the mast is down like this and I am rigging the boat... This is the maximum travel the spreaders have. Are the spreaders supposed to have more travel? They can not go any more up than you see here in the picture. When the...
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    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    If that idea works I might give it a try too.
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    needed: New / Used Mainsail for the 14.2 Mod 1

    I also got my new sails on my 14.2 from SLO sail and canvass. They do fine work. Would recommend.
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    New to me Capri 14.2

    Can I see some pics? I'd like to make sure I know what you mean when you say "collapsed". Sounds like its some strange kind of water dmg so far.
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    Largest Safe Outboard

    Im in michigan, own a 1998 capri 14.2 mod3. I have a brand new yamaha 4hp motor (I believe its called the F4). Gets me going on the water fairly well. I'm here to say that yamaha is known to deliver good horse power in a light package. So if you are looking to save weight like I was, get a nice...
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    What can I do to get these creases out of my jib? They look ugly and I wont sleep well until I get em out.

    James thank you for the tips! I am the proud owner of this boat (I'm 17 btw and I am on my 3rd sailboat!). I will not get a shakedown cruise in until the snow goes away here in Michigan(Febuary/March). This is my first boat with a roller furling jib and I appreciate all of your input and advice!