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Hobie Baby bob brackets | should I make some for you guys?


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I got my 1998 hull#4680 capri 14.2 late fall/early winter. Never sailed it yet. Ive seen a lot of posts regarding flotation and turtling. I am perfecting a baby bob bracket that bolts right on to my mast. Currently making my 4th version. The bracket uses the bolt on top of the mast that is for the main halyard pulley thingy. Anyway, would you guys be interested in a bracket? I figure that since I am spending so much time perfecting the bracket for me, I can make some for you guys. Im just not sure if the same bracket will fit the newer selden masts... I can also attach some pics.

The bottom line is that im 17, and very bored during this quarantine so I am making this bracket (and the rest of my boat) as perfect as possible .


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I’d love one! I’m planning on buying a baby bob soon for my 14.1. Not sure how we can coordinate, but count me in.


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Yep I bought one a few years ago from a gentleman who had made more than a few in his day. The nice thing about his version is that it has a perfectly tight fit inside the mast down to a point where it hits the through bolt for the halyard pulley. I drilled a set of holes through the mast and bracket to facilitate a through bolt to secure bracket. Use a pair of flat washers, one lock washer to secure the wing nut, and you're good to go!
The advantage to this vs. running your bracket farther down to use the pulley bolt is that I can easily mount or remove the Bob. It would be a PITA to have to remove the pulley and bolt every time you wanted to remove the Bob. But maybe you could wing nut it to the bracket and just remove it that way, leaving the bracket in place .The disadvantage to my setup is that you don't get as solid of a connection. There's not much "meat" at the top of the mast for the bolt secured because you have to clear the pulley, and the bracket doesn't go down as deep into the mast. But it's still pretty strong, don't think there's an issue here..
Once I get more tech savvy I'll send some pics..........