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    New Cuddy Door Pictures - Remove storage bin

    Bow eye You mentioned a boweye on your boat. Could you give me the measurements from the deck? I have a mod 1 and would like to add one. I feel the old deck plate I use pulls to much down on the boat. Carl
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    Found one.. Ignore post. Carl
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    Bow eye

    My Mod 1 came to me without a bow eye. I noticed newer boats have them. Mod 2 or 3's? I would like to install one as it (My boat) would stay seated on the trailer better, not being tensioned so high up. Can anyone give me the measurements from the top deck. That would give me piece of mind...
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    Looking for a trailer for a Capri 14.2 in the Florida area. Mine folded on me today! 904-626-9073
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    Need Mast

    Good to hear it might still work. Maybe out next weekend.
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    Capri parts for sale

    Mast Windjunkie, still have mast? Have family in Jacksonville area. Me in Fl. Cost?
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    Need Mast

    Believe it or not a tree branch (BIG) fell on my mast and crushed it on the trailer!:( Looking for a used replacement. I have a 1983 mod 1.
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    Mast track

    OK. I tried a rubber mallet. No joy. Got a straight edge, taped the mast and used a small body hammer and all went well. Sail raises and lowers as advertised. Very pleased with the outcome. Thanks all for your inputs
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    Mast track

    Just purchased a 1983 Carpi 14.2. Love it. Much less rigging time than my O Day 22. Noticed upon rigging the main that about 2 feet from head of mast the track opens up. Raising the sail is difficult unless a lot of tension is placed on the main halyard to keep the leach in the track, not...