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    mast float on C-14.2

    Here's a decent view of how I attached mine using aluminum strap & stainless steel hardware:
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    Outboard suggestions

    I'd have to give a strong second to the Honda 2, Robert. It's the right motor for the job. The 14.2 zips along very nicely with it even though it's small and light. Feels good to have Honda reliability, too. The whole purpose of having a motor is for it to work when it's needed...
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    New member, first post

    Hope you enjoy the 14.2, Greg. Welcome!
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    Turtled on 29 July 06

    Thanks for the update, Steve. Always great hearing about successful repairs. Hope you enjoy the 25 footer as well.
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    Weighted Centerboard?

    Happy New Year to everyone. I'm a do-it-yourself kind of person and have already installed several improvements to my 14.2. Has anyone considered, or ever heard of, a weighted centerboard for this boat? I'm new to sailing but wondered to myself if any stability could be gained with some...
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    New Sails Opportunity

    Hi Bill! Just guessing, but perhaps like myself, lots of people read every post whether it pertains to them or not. Personally, I don't have any need for new sails but certainly appreciate the info! Good luck.
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    best $10 spent on trailer

    Great idea, Robert. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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    Improvement Pictures #2

    Great, Jim! Hope it works well for you. I've really enjoyed the lack of things to hit my ankles on.
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    Spun Yarn: Capsizing Edition

    I also appreciate the info very much! My centerboard will be staying firmly down. Thanks!
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    First day racing - Fun day

    Enjoyed your report, Robert. What length was best for the tiller extension? I've seen some discussion about shortening the tiller itself. I'd love to get a recommendation on what length works best for that, too.
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    First Sail!

    Enjoyed reading your "first sail" report, Dirk. Sounded a lot like my first outing. With no sailing experience, I had assumed that lack of wind would be a problem. But with this boat (and my level of experience), I very much prefer light winds for the moment, anyway. Sorry I don't...
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    Mast track

    Hey Carl - glad you're enjoying the new boat. Sorry about the mast track; that does sound like a pain. I can't offer any expertise there but hopefully someone else can comment. As for the drain plug, no water coming out is a good thing! That means you aren't accumulating any water in the...
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    Raising the sail: the right order?

    Perhaps I would learn this myself in time, but it would be helpful to know if there's a "correct" order for getting started. What I mean is, when I'm ready to raise the sail(s), what should be my sequence of events? I do know to point into the wind, but I'm only guessing at the rest. Some...
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    Well, I can honestly say that I can't imagine an easier accessory to install or use. I got the model 312 from Trailer Sailor where I found it the cheapest: ...and after simply sliding it into the track on...
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    Reefing Point Measurement Please

    Thanks! That's great info and good to know before I start cutting holes.