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    How to spot someone drowning...something we all should know.

    As a certified lifeguard, I can speak to this matter. Drowning is actually a three-step process under ideal conditions. 1. Distressed swimmer- Victim has become too exhausted to continue swimming, but is still conscious and able to support themselves above the surface. They will exhibit no...
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    Old racing sails

    I got around to some thinking today (never a good thing;)) and came up with the idea of using stretched-out racing sails on my SF. I figured that the shape would give me better performance than my current tired old recreational even if it was too stretched to be of any use to a racer. I don't...
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    Is this a sunfish?

    Just sail it. Sunfish or not, sailing is sailing. It looks like you could modify it pretty easy to fit Sunfish parts if you needed to make repairs. Wayne, I have to disagree with you on the Bermuda rig, though. There would be nowhere to put a jib unless there were some sort of stays to hank it...
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    Want new Sunfish

    I wouldn't buy new unless you're really looking into racing. I would look on craigslist for a newer boat or even an older one in good condition; you may find one for thousands less than new, perhaps even race-rigged with a trailer.
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    Trailer headaches

    Thanks for everyone's help; I finished the beast today and will post pictures.
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    Newbie with a New Rope question.

    Wal-Mart sells a braided line (I think Coleman makes it) in the camping section that's rated at 200# load limit. I think that would be your best bet for the mainsheet at least; I think it came in 3/8 but not sure about the 3/16. Like Wayne said, avoid clothesline, especially the kind that has a...
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    Trailer headaches

    There's a specific type of carpet? It looks like you use a similar design by the picture; how's it work for you?
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    Required safety equipment for sailing a Sunfish?

    Not that you would probably be doing this but if you decide to sail at night or in the early morning/late evening, USCG requires you to have a single white light as a marker, for the same purposes you have night running lights on your powerboat. A flashlight would do just fine. Again, you...
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    Drying inside of boat while I am away

    Apologies for any confusion my jumping to conclusions could have caused. Glad I dug up that link again though, I know of a certain red and white '71 that could use a little drying...
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    AMF Hilu

    My vote would be to keep it and learn to sail it. It has a Sunfish rig which means it will be as easy to sail, but the hull design should give much better speed. Also, apparently only 6 of these things are known to exsit; yours could be lucky number 7 ;-)
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    Drying inside of boat while I am away

    I would use a Shop Vac to suck out the water and then do something like this ( to get it really bone-dry. Then, cover the hole with a trash bag or something to keep the water from getting back in.
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    Does your Sunfish have a name?

    I was back and forth on this for a while but I decided not to name mine. I think she has plenty of character already with that bright red deck. It's really up to you, but I would advise picking a name that suits the boat's "personality", if you will.
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    Trailer headaches

    After crawling through the search results on "Sunfish trailer" I'm thoroughly bewildered as to waht to do with my own trailer project. I have an old trailer given to me by a family friend that was originally designed as a trailer for god-only-knows what kind of boat. The trailer is about 8 feet...
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    Broken rudder pin?

    My heavily corroded rudder spring pin snapped off last season, sending one of my kickup springs to Davey Jones' locker. I now have only one kickup spring and the broken stub of the pin hanging out of one side of my rudder. How is this pin held in the rudder and how should I replace it?
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    how long will a sunfish last on open ocean?

    There was an article on here about someone who sailed his Sunfish on a similar passage and it destroyed his boat. A Sunfish has only a few inches of freeboard, and waves of even a foot suddenly become very big and threatening when you're out on the open water. The sea has destroyed boats much...