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    Furling Jib

    :confused: I am considering installing a furling jib in the Spring. I had a discussion with a friend who has lots of experiance in racing J22's and Flying Scott's. He does not feel they are worth the money and time. He claims that they are just as hard to handle, maybe more so, than a standard...
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    Capsizing, Boarding, and Drain Holes

    Roger, Thanks for the info. I just put the boat into winter storage, so I've got till spring to think about what to do. A picture would be good though. email to <> BTW, where are you located? I'm in Minnesota, thus the winter storage. Our water gets really hard in the next...
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    Capsizing, Boarding, and Drain Holes

    To Roger Where did you get the ladder and how is it attached to the transome? To Steve How long ago did you get the anti-turtling device from Catalina? Is it still available? How much $? THX Bill confused:
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    Floatation Question

    My 1986, hull no 1220 had NO floatation in the spaces under the seats. I spent a Saturday filling the area with expanded foam boards. Whew, what a job. I wrote to Catalina. They were very helpful. They said that originaly, the boat had air bags in that area, and sugested that I could get...
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    No Jib Sailing

    As some have suggested, for learning, sail without the jib. I tried it yesterday in winds 7 - 10. Much eaiser to remember what to do when tacking , jibing etc. But lots slower and the boat would hardly move when the wind let off. Leaving the boat launch, which was in the lee of the South wind...
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    Sail number

    Thinking of eventually racing with the local club in their "open" class. What do I use for a sail number? Is there any regulation on placement, letter size, font? THX Bill
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    Single person sailing - Easy with the Capri 14?

    single handed? How does the boat handle on just the main? Can you generate enough lift to manuver? Will it capsize less easily?
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    Cockpit Layout

    Does anybody have some picture of the cockpit of a 14.2? Looking mostly for the center board bungee, hiking strap, cunningham and general lay out. Pls email to<>. Thanks for any help.
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    FYI - Outboard mounting Outboards should be mounted so the cavitation plate is level with and at the same angle as the bottom of the hull. More up angle is faster top end, down angle pulls from the hole faster but is slower. Probably not much noticable difference with a 2hp. To the guy using...
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    Brand new

    Paul, Thanks for the tips. This sounds like a good way to do it. The transom will hold the mast, but you have to lift the mast to clear the spreaders when walking it back to fit the step. Can I install a cleat on the deck to make this line fast? Now, I can work on my fear of capsizing!!
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    Brand new

    clarify pls Thanks for the details. Do you mean to actuly place the mast on the ground next to the trailer and lift straight up, or on the deck forward of the keel box? I'm not clear. Otherwise thanks for the help.
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    Brand new

    Hello, I'm the new guy. Just bought a 1986 14.2, hull # 1220. First time sailor, big boats. Been sailing a 1 meter RC soling for 4 years but it's been years since I was on a real sailboat. So... lots of questions. Here's the first one:Learning how to step the mast, boat is trailered. I'm...