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    Upstate, NY sunfish fleet?

    I am the Sunfish fleet captain at the Willow Bank Yacht Club in Cazenovia, NY, on Route 20 about 25 min. south east of Syracuse. Alan Glos
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    Sunfish/Sailfish Parts and Gear for Sale

    Several other items have sold (carriage bolt, mainsheet cleat) but I still have most of these items or something close to them. Alan Glos
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    Repairing plastic rudder cheek

    The first generation of Sunfish plastic rudder cheeks were prone to cracking on the right angle area where the thin sides meet the thicker base. I have two such units with identical cracks. Is there any way to repair them or are they just junk? I have tried JB Weld two part epoxy mender but...
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    Drain plug

    Remove the plug, coat with a little silicon sealer and screw the plug back in. It should not leak but can be opened later with a screw driver if you need to drain the hull. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Sunfish/Sailfish Parts and Gear for Sale

    Cradigan, Do you mean a Sunfish pre-1972, 7 1/2" long brass carriage bolt with brass wingnut and plastic tube retainer? Yes, I have one new one, still in the bag, $14 + shipping, probably $2 to $3 depending on where you live. If you want it, e-mail me at:, reference...
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    Gooseneck as tight as possible but still loose?

    A lot of the older Sunfish goosenecks were designed to fit over tape on the boom (as noted above). Here's the fix: Remove the bolt and chuck the gooseneck sideways in a vise. Then take a fine flat file and file the area on the inside of where the bolt attaches. Remove about 1/16" on each...
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    Removing rotten backing block

    danpal and I are on the same page - are you sure that you have a 1978 Sunfish? Sunfish of that vintage should have a threaded aluminum back-up plate glassed into the inside of the transom, not a wood block. Do you have an earlier (pre-1972 hull) that somebody has retrofitted the new style...
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    Sunfish Hull Autopsy

    Mike, The nautical ME said that the failure was "...catastrophic..." so I don't think she suffered much. Alan Glos
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    Removing rotten backing block

    The wood block was indeed fiberglassed to the underside of the deck when it was built. It is probably a hunk of scrap mahogany from the Alcort rudder shop. Get a sharp flat head chisel and very gently try to get the tip between the fiberglass and the top of the block to see if you can break...
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    Sunfish Hull Autopsy

    Warning! The following post contains text and images that may be disturbing to some Sunfish aficionados. Viewer discretion is advised. Autopsy results. A deceased, Sunfish sailboat, hull number AMF32630M751 (hereafter referred to as M751) was examined on 8/13/13 to determine cause of...
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    Looking for great condition sunfish close to NJ or Northeast PA

    See my ad for a 2002 race grade Sunfish + Trailex trailer. Where are you located? E-mail me at: I could deliver to the Philly area. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Sunfish/Sailfish Rudders and Daggerboards for Sale

    Both Barrington daggerboards have sold, but I still have several pre-1972 rudder assemblies available. Alan Glos
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    club owns a Pearson Hull-need advice

    A mast cleat is always a good upgrade as is reduces the down thrust on the mast when sailing and makes is somewhat less likely that the mast will wear out the base of the mast step as it rotates. But yes, you still have to run the slack end of the halyard through the deck eye and back to the...
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    pre '72 rudder pin size

    For about $3, you can buy a 1/4" stainless steel hex bolt and a nylon nut at any good hardware store. You can even tie on a light line as a retaining line. You can screw on the nut without tools and it fits snug enough that it won't back off when sailing. It should last for long after all of...
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    Want to buy used Sunfish in Mass.

    See my ad here in the For Sale page of this Forum for a 2002 Sunfish. It is still available. Free delivery to western Mass. Alan Glos