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    NEW YORK Sunfish Sail for Sale

    I have nice North, Class legal Sunfish sail for sale, see photo attached, that came off a 2004 Sunfish. It is in overall very good condition with excellent aerodynamic shape. When I acquired it it had several small rodent chewed holes that I had professionally repaired by Bay Sails in Sodus...
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    Aqua Finn Rudder Assembly Wanted

    I have owned 2 Aqua Finns and the rudder/tiller assrembly is aluminum and is little complex (springs, lines etc.) Finding one used is going to be nearly impossible as these boats were not that common. However, I think the boats are still being made and new parts may still be available for a...
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    New Price Rare Minifish Sail for Sale - $65 Price Reduced

    Price reduced to $65 + shipping. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Catfish (?) Project

    The novel feature is the foot wells on both hulls; I don't recall seeing this design on any other cats. Virtually all small catamarans have a flush "deck" usually a taut fabric trampoline or a fiberglass "floor". In the 1960s, there was an explosion of small catamaran designs, most of them...
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    Catfish (?) Project

    This catamaran looks like a Rod MacAlpine-Downey design. All of Rods hulls had the same basic shape. Maybe a Dingo or Musketeer? Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    On the Dubious Merits of Accepting Free Boats

    My take is that newer Sunfish are a little faster than (most) older Sunfish. Over time, Sunfish hulls tend to get softer and heavier and these tendencies affect speed. I still race, and at age 75 I need all the help I can get, so a somewhat newer hull and well tuned rig is a big plus. My...
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    On the Dubious Merits of Accepting Free Boats

    A few years go I published a short article titled On the Dubious Merits of Accepting Free Boats in the on-line boating magazine Duckworks, see this link: Take this as a cautionary tale as not all "free boats" end up being good...
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    Loose halyard cleat

    Your boat probably has a wood back-up block under the deck and it may have rotted and the screws are not holding. You can fill the screw holes with thickened epoxy and reattach the cleat, but it probably will not hold the full strain of the halyard. Consider doing the epoxy fix, but then...
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    Restoring a Super Sailfish

    It is a fact that the "Diety of Your Choice" does not deduct from your time on Earth those hours spent restoring old boats. On that basis, I plan to live to 100. Your Sailfish looks to be sound. Have fun with the project. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    New Price  NEW YORK Rare Minifish Sail for Sale - $65 Price Reduced

    Rare Minifish Sail for Sale Original 65 sq. ft. Minifish sail with "double fish" logo. No rips or holes. Has repairs to two grommets. Logo faded and some small stains but overall good condition. Very good aerodynamic shape. This sail will also fit an original Sailfish (not the larger Super...
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    Need help identifying Sunfish sticker

    Two ideas: First, it may have been a Sunfish Worlds event boat with special decals. Maybe somebody here on the Forun has a photo of a 2005 Worlds boat without the errant inspection port. Second, often Sunfish dealers have decals or stickers that they afix to all of the boats they sell...
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    Sunfish Sail: Leech Cupping issue

    All Sunfish sails have some degree of "cup" at the leach as the sail lacks battens and needs a slightly tight leach to keep the leach from flapping. However, if you think the cupping is excessive, contact Sunfish Direct and see if you can return it...then buy an Intensity - better value and...
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    Best Way To Attach Carpet To Wooden Bunks?

    I tend to use galvanized sheet rock screws and 3/4" washers to get a better grip on the thick carpeting. The carpet will last 2-3 years depending on exposure to the elements. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Transporting a Sunfish home

    One caveat. I have seen more than a few small boats stored under the eaves of a house or cottage that sustained severe damage from ice falling off a roof and on to the hull. I know of two Sunfish hulls that were totaled due to roof ice damage, one in Michigan and one here in my native New York...
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    Class Legal Sail Clips

    Yes, cable ties, zip ties as shown in tag's photo, Any decent hardware store stocks them, They were originally designed to tidy up electrical wire bundles (hence "cable" ties) but people use them or all kinds of unrelated purposes. just like duct tape. Alan Glos