Zim Assumes LP's Role as Sponsor of US Sailing Events


I largely agree with the sentiment of your post, but I think that you've left a couple of things out of your profit estimate. Both locales have a building to maintain. How do taxes compare? Anybody know how the Chinese tax a business? Also, I know that in RI, the neighbors care about bad smells, toxic fumes, and poisoned water and all. I get the impression, the Chinese, not so much. But I really don't know how taxes and regulations compare. These things may change the profit margin, lessening it or making it even greater.
So anyway...I want to be clear. i am not trying to label anybody as a scumbag sleezeball. And the posts here indicate a much bigger concern than I can maintain upon my limited enthusiasm for being moral...

but... as I wrote in the first post. I just don't much like to see anybody
"Go get it built in China so we don't have to pay the expenses associated with use of American labor."

American labor costs more per hour for a whole lot of reasons and for the most part I agree with the demands we place upon ourselves related to paying for schools, roads, defense, health care, unemployment insurance, environmental protection, worker safety and etc.

Those who do an end around past American regulations to achieve lower costs do so at the expense of the rest of the world and I don't much appreciate it.

Everybody pays for cheaply build products from abroad. Those taxes not paid could have bought body armor for our troops, incubators for newborns, computers for schoolchildren, roads to get to regattas, or allowed us to lower the tax on Forty Creek Barrel Select whiskey.

If you want to sell products to the American consumer, you really ought to pay yopur share of financial support for the system from which you are benefitting.

The workers in those Chinese factories are not sending a portion of their wages to pay for the US Navy which it there to keep pirates from nabbing their products while those products are transported across the ocean. The Chinese factory does not sponsor a Portsmouth RI little league team, bowling team, or have a sheet of plywood painted as an advdertisement on the Portsmouth high School baseball field.

I am niot excited about Chinese built sailboats being sold in the USA. Aside from profits for the businessment who import them, I see no benefits for Americans.
The discussion is interesting because we have some pretty large builders pulling production out of China and moving it to the US. A couple of weeks ago in Soundings Trade, Jim Johnstone referenced wage VS productivity as a big reason for moving Gunboat production to North Carolina. While the Chinese wages were growing rapidly, productivity was not keeping pace and it was less expensive to use US labor. And J-boats chose to build the new J-70 in RI as opposed to China.

Note that the Zim business model has them installing hardware and doing final assembly here. It does not really make sense to ship that stuff there bolt it on and ship it back when you get a fat NAFTA tax credit when the big $$ items are US purchased and assembled into the product here.

As far as sails go, I wish that we could purchase them from anyone like other classes. It seems to me that in most classes, there are 2-3 sailmakers that provide competitive sails, both on the water and in cost with one another. The monopoly model only serves the builder/dealer network and not us.