Ziegelmayer Builder Plate...decoder?


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I'm looking at a Ziegelmayer 470 in pretty decent shape but I can't tell much about the boat from the builder's plate. From the sub-par picture I took it looks like the data reads: Type: 470 Bj.: 94 Bau Nr.: 277 Form: 02 Serien Nr. 29939.

I figure it's hull number 277 from mold 02 and serial number 29939. Right? Wrong? Would any of you knowledgeable 470 fanatics be able to tell me when the boat was built? Can anybody help me figure out a little more about this boat based on this data?

Thanks very much!


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Sebastian himself responded to an emailed query and told me the boat was built in 1994. So at least I know that. Does anyone have an opinion about Ziegelmayer boats from that era and how they compare to Parkers, Mackays, Nautivelas, or Vanguards built around the same time? Is one more likely to hold up better than the others? Inquiring minds would like to know!

Ziegelmayer's are very solid well built boats that last quite some time when taken care of. I've owned two and still have my second one. I wouldn't hesitate to get another one again.
Hope this helps you out.
Thanks Paul. Unfortunately the boat was sold out from under me when I couldn't get there to look at it quickly enough. Seller knew I was coming and ready to buy but sold it to another guy anyway. A tough break...really tough because the boat looked like it was in pretty good shape. Maybe next time...:)