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You've heard of 'Dog Day Afternoon?'

Cactus Cowboy

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Well, this is 'Cat Day Afternoon!' Lol... Tiger and Crackhead sprawled out on the kitchen floor. The cats like those vinyl tiles because they stay relatively cool in the summer... black cat Crackhead kinda blends in with the faux marble, lol. Maybe I should crack the whip and put these hands to work... or maybe I should just "let sleeping cats lie." ;)

IMG_2888.JPG IMG_2889.JPG

Well, I'm off to grab a cold beverage, maybe check out some entertainment... CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

P.S. Saw a huge hawk circling overhead a little while ago, and little Phoenix is still out and around... I hope she doesn't get picked off by that hawk, it looked big enough to carry her off. She's pretty savvy about predators though, including raptors, and so are the other cats, though they're big enough to not really fit the prey profile. :confused:
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Cactus Cowboy

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Some classic videos... I first pinged on this Craig Turner dude awhile back when he posted his hilarious cat videos, but today I saw his 'Cooler Drone' video for the first time, and I was ROFLMAO as I watched it. Honestly, this could be the solution to overcrowded cockpits while sailing small craft! Have the Cooler Drone follow your course as you sail... and if necessary, heave to aboard your boat to replenish cold ones and get rid of empties!!! WINNER!!! :rolleyes:

Cooler Drone

Here are two of Turner's hilarious cat videos, for those sailors out there who have cats... these videos are F#%NG HILARIOUS!!! Of course, I'm biased as a cat lover, but at least Craig isn't using a firearm as he "schools" the cats, lol. That break dancing cat photo has to be the ALL-TIME CLASSIC!!! What a hoot... :)

Hilarious Cat Video

Another Funny Cat Video


P.S. Y'all can find more CT videos on the web, the guy is pretty f#%ng funny... probably why some of his videos went viral, LOL. ;)