Yet another hull repair thread (post forum search)

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First time poster, long time reader. I've been sailing for over 15 years and finally bought a boat I can call my own. On recent inspection I noticed some damage on the hull, below the mast step, and have now taken it upon myself to fix it.

I've done the usual internet searches and found some great threads here as well, but have a few follow-up and detail questions that someone might be able to clarify for me.

First off, here are some images, so everyone knows what I'm talking about:

The rest of the bottom has the usual wear-and-tear from years of being pulled in and out of storage racks and sitting out-doors.

The prev. owner says his dad had pored some resin down the mast tube to help seal this from the inside :eek:. As you can see, there is visual indication of moister entering/exciting the boat at this point.

I'm basing my repairs on the following guide: To Make Your Bottom Prettyhttp://

Let me just point out, that I'm not looking at restoring this boat to as-new, and I'm not competing, other then perhaps the odd friday-night-special. I bought this boat for $450 CAN and am only interested in keeping it floating and in reasonable cosmetic shape.

So a few quick questions:

1. Gelcoat(paste) - are there different types? (polyester vs. ??) and what kind should I be using?

2. Are there any other concerns I should have about this damage? Is my boat about to fall apart? (I had a mast tear the deck open last year on a rental, so I don't what to go down that road again)

3. Is there any kind of cosmetic finish I can put on the boat after I'm done sanding and polishing?

4. Gelcoat resin is in liquid form, correct? Can this be rolled on to the hull with a paint roller (after all other repair steps are completed) then lightly buffed/polished for a new finish?