XD Kevlar Clew Webbing Strap


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i know this has been discussed before but the topics allways seem to go off track,

so...whats the advantage of having a webbing clew strap over having the lenght of rope?(i have 4mm Excel Vetran V12)

the first thing that springs to mind for me is having to untie the reef not that gets so tight in heavy winds, and also would it be easier to get on?
easier to get on, slides better, easier to get back off

can also get closer to the boom (unless you're super skilled with the rope technique)
I think Chris hit all the advantages.

I'll disagree with Andrew slightly in that velcro wears out (mostly due to UV, but also from use) and will slip/fail. I have a 2 year old strap that no longer will hold (used approx 120 days) , so I'm now replacing mine every year. Just something to be aware of. I would never go back to line though.


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i used to have roosters velcro strap ono my old boat (144679) but wheen i got my new one it had the rope, very much thinking of going to the new kevlar one, but alot of the sailors at my club are sticking with the rope