wrapping the sail on the mast.

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Doing a multi day regatta, and wanted to leave the rig up throughout.
boat will be on a lift in very protected area.

anyone know if wrapping the sail does any damage to the shape or leach?
obviously the battens will be removed.



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Shouldn't do anything bad to the shape, but it gets dirty! Doesn't like UV radiation, either. Sure you can leave it like that for a night or two, but don't make a habit out of it - you will get an off-white streak along the leech (where the sailcloth is exposed) and faded sail numbers (especially the red ones). Not slow but ugly.

I used to do that, but nowadays I always take the sail off the mast and roll it. That way you don't have to fiddle with the battens, either.

(Thinking about it, of course you could have a bag that you'd pull over the mast and sail, but I don't see anyone using anything like that, so you'd have to make one yourself.)
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thx Lali,

I actually have a bag that should work, its jib bag off my 33' t ten and is approx. 13' long. guessing that should cover most of the sail.


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Good idea - though 13 feet is less than 4 metres, and you need some 5.3 m to cover the whole rolled-up sail (if it's a Standard).