Worn mast aft repair...


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First photo shows many years of significant damage at the mast's foot hole.

Second photo shows a custom repair kit designed (without guarantees) and made specifically for my problem, in 1993, by a Frank Butler of Catalina Yachts.

Third photo: Today, I attached the kit to my mast...better late than never. :D

Forth photo: I don't know if Mr. Butler still works for Catalina, but I will try to thank him again for his excellent engineering...it fits like a glove! I hope it works.

You may notice that I drilled additional holes to reattach the foot base. Now I must figure out how to secure it.
Fat screw heads may be too wide to fit into the "tabernacie" when stepping the mast. It was previously riveted. Any ideas will be welcome.
frank butler

dont know if you know it but frank butler owns catalina yachts and desisigned the c14 and I met him at strictley sail in chicago and he seemed like a pretty nice guy and very helpfull and good luck sailing tm


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Frank Butler

Thanks TM. After posting this thread, I did read that Mr. Butler diesgned the Capri, but had no idea he was the owner of Catalina. During all my '93 contact with him, he never mentioned his impressive qualifications...says much for the man.


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As you can see, I've finally stepped the mast after riveting the foot. I'm very pleased with the results. I'll keep you posted if there are any under sail problems.