Wooden Sunfish Transom Size

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Did Alcort make 2 different size wooden Sunfish hulls? The 1st Gen hull has a tiny transom, like the Sailfish family, as you can see in the picture. But I just came across a wooden hull owner whose boat used the same size rudder vertical plate as the fiberglass boats. There is about a 3 inch difference between the vertical plates of our wooden Sunfish and the "old style" fiberglass boat.

Maybe they switched to match the fiberglass boats, or a kit was modified to use the "newer" hardware?

chip rudder plates.jpg

Old Old style Sailfish/Super Sailfish/wooden Sunfish elephant ear rudder on bottom, Old style Sailfish/Super Sailfish/wooden Sunfish rudder with bigger spoon blade and small vertical plate on top of "old style" rudder assembly for the fiberglass Sunfish.
I have a pre 1971 sunfish that has the old style rudder. I don't know where to get the pit to hold the rudder onto the hardware. The pin that goes in the hole at the top. Do any of you know where I could get one and the chain to hold it onto the boat. The pin about 2-3 inches long.


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Pintle pins show up on Ebay once in a while. Just use a bolt and wing-nut. Keep a couple
extra on hand as you will probably loose a wing-nut or two in the water.

Transom has to be a factory change as the sides and bulkheads would need to be of different dimensions.
Yes. I have been looking for a while but can't find any. I am looking for a link to buy one or if some one has an extra one I would like to pay for it. No price over 10$. Unless it's eBay.