Women's Gill Dinghy Smock--thoughts?

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I'm looking into finally getting a piece of foul weather gear since I'm not in FL anymore! I'm looking at the Gill 4340, which apparantly is the '07 model, and also the 4350, which is new for '08.

I'm not a big fan of the rhinestones, but looks aside, I'm wondering if the neck functions that much better on the newer model. Supposedly it has zippered adjustments for comfort.

I'd prefer the older model, but just thought I'd ask if anyone has one and has any thoughts on either before I make the purchase. Thanks!


I don't know anything about the smocks, but went to apsltd.com to take a look. Yes, there are really rhinestones on a dinghy smock! Unique, but fairly tastefully done.
I have a man's small Gill Dinghy smock. The label says that it is "Our Two Dot" fabric and is ideal for the active Dinghy and one-design sailor. Completely waterproof and breathable. I really like it, I didn't know about women sizes when I bought mine.... maybe it wasn't available.

Before you pull the trigger you might want to find out what type of zippers the smock has. Mine has plastic zippers which still work. I bought a slightly different Gill smock for my husband and the metal zippers (with want look like plastic zipper teeth) are frozen shut from sailing in salt water. Sometimes I put my sailing instructions in my pocket. This is one key feature since we want you two to come back to Florida :)
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I am sooo glad to hear they are not rhinestones! That was just more than I can handle!!!

I am definitely looking into the men's as they have a better selection and I'll check out the plastic zippers as well. Thanks, Cindy!
if i were to go out and buy a a smock today i would be looking at the gul code zero stuff. it is a bit more expensive the most but what i like about the material of it is that it has some stretch to it and if you are like me and like to wear it over your life-jacket then it can be nice and tight. also im just a fan of all my gear being nice and tight to my body. i dont know about female sizing though