Winter sailing gloves

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I'm looking for a recommendation for winter sailing gloves. I've bought 2 pairs already which I don't like. They are not flexible enough, I can't feel the line well through them. I'm sailing inNew England, so need some protection from the cold. Does anyone have a favorite brand they can recommend?


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This is what I use:
Xcel Wetsuits Drylock 5mm 3-Finger Lobster Wetsuit Gloves
At 5mm thick they're not super sensitive or flexible so they may not be what you're after. And at $60 ... whew, not cheap.
But they are flat-out waterproof, and they make a real good seal at the wrist with the drysuit. So they are bigtime warm - I can sail for hours in 20 kts+ and keep warm + have fun. Keeping hands warm was often the limiting factor in staying out or coming in, + these things have definitely extended that a lot.
I frostbite in Newport. These are what I use and see out there. One guy runs the lobster mitts.

I have a set of gill Three Season gloves for the warmer days....above 40 Gill Three Season Gloves

then a Set of NRS Maverick Gloves for colder weather, damn warm but very slippery. NRS Maverick Kayak Gloves w/ HydroCuff |

And last choice is Atlas 2 piece work gloves. Warm but Bulky Atlas Warm Gloves w/ Removable Liner

Also had these...Gill Neoprene Winter Glove warm, very slippery, tough to get on and off.