Winter Racing


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The Shoreline Lake Capri 14 Fleet has been hosting/will host two
Small Dinghy Saturday Series that begins at 2 o'clock every Saturday.
The first Fall Series ends Dec. 27, 2003 and the next concludes April
3, 2004. It is mostly a family oriented fun time open to all boats.
Currently, our Capri 14s compete against one another while mixing it
up with El Toros, Lidos, and the like. In the Capri Fleet, Chris
Ducker and Allison D. are currently leading. Sulaiman Hyatt is
waiting to pounce from second place. Veteran Don Lathrop and Jackie
are tied in third place with up and coming sailors Harold Ho and
Grace Kwak. Our Capri Nationals sailors are cross-training during the
colder season and are sure to be contenders in the spring and summer.
We hope to see you out here on Shoreline Lake. Call Victor at (650)
965-7474 for more information.
Shoreline Lake


Where is Shoreline Lake, Palo Alto or Berdu ? How many folks did you have at your race and whats the future scedule ?

Richmond Yacht Club winter series

The Richmond Yacht Club is hosting a winter series for dinghies the first Sunday of every month. I have been racing my Capri 14 in the Portsmouth Class, but if any one is interested in coming up to Richmond, if we get five boats in our class we will get our own start. Right now there are lots of lazors and Coronado 15s. The Portsmouth class includes FJs, Sunfish, and a few other misc boats. Check out the Richmond Yacht Club for details or email me at [email protected]