Wings on a Laser

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I agree Peter, at least it contributed. When changes are happening quickly and people are forced to update to keep up, then start to reconsider whether to continue. The introduction of wings forced people to update their boats. For us the mouldie hull had been around for a decade without much development.

As for the cost, I was designing and building my new boat each year or two for a while, the cost involved was covered when I sold the boat, which allowed me to build the next one at minimal cost.
Yes I was sailing them about that time, as well as building/designing my own. Cost then were about $800-$1000 for a new boat. I used to sail at Narrabeen and Balmoral. Fleets sizes were still good post wings. NS14 class is still popular because they limit the amount of development by restrictions in the measurement rules.

Still tempted to put wings on Laser for fun. Some aluminium section, pipe elbows some U bolts - done :D


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I'm trying to put a face to your name. I was Balmoral and Seaforth. At Balmoral we had Ian Ward, Ian McGregor, Ian Cross, Ian Sim and sort of Ian Brown but I can't remember any other Ians. I agree about the cost of the boats, somewhere for me between $800-$950.

Back in 1975 when I joined Balmoral the Moths regular had fleet sizes of 35 boats but by 1985 had dwindled to only probably less than 10 boats on any given race day. But pre wings, Wardy used to say the club regularly had 50-60 starters and that was repeated at half a dozen other clubs just on the harbour/middle harbour.
wow i wish things cost that much these days. i could cut back on drinking and thus easily be able to afford to sail a moth. how good would that be
Easy to engineer without drilling holes

Just secure wing tubing at mainsheet block point and toestrap eyes

Then at Gunwhale use sort of roof rack clamps inverted to run under the lip and screw up tight

Toe straps on the wings tiller extension might need mid extension flex join (stiff pastic tube to permit passing mainsheet on tacks)

Longer mainsheet and u are away?