Will Sunfish Sail Be OK For Alpex?

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I am considering purchasing an Alpex that is 10-15 years old and is fibergla:)ss. The sail is on it's last legs. Will a sunfish sail work? :)

This is my first small boat. Any suggestions?
I just bought what I *think* is an Aluma Craft Alpex, maybe S-12? I saw the ad this morning (was looking for another used Sunfish) and it was cheap, so we went to take a look and when I saw the rigging, realized that this was a boat I might like and we'll be bringing it home Saturday. I'll measure the sail and lateen spars and the length of the boat & write again... The ad said 14', but I'm not sure if that's exactly right.

I searched and searched the web for a picture of this boat before we went to look at it, and found nothing. I'd love to see what it looks like on the water if anyone has a photo to share.

We wrote to Aluma Craft to find out if they had any history or owners manual info. available, and if they get back to us, I'll post that too.

Thank you all for the info. I've found here so far - this is the only place I found anything about Aluma Craft sailboats.