Why not permit a stern drain plug for the Sunfish

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Here is something for Forum readers to mull over. It is my understanding that installing a drain plug on the bottom of the transom on a Sunfish (like the standard issue Laser rig) could render the boat illegal for racing. This strikes me as odd as it does not result in a speed advantage of any kind other than having a lighter boat. Face it; most Sunfish leak a little, but to drain the interior one has to turn the boat on its side and hold it that way for the time it takes to drain. If the boat is on a trailer or a dolly, it is much easier to simply lift the front of the trailer or dolly, put the bow up and the stern down and let all the interior water run to the transom. If there were a drain plug there it would then be much easier to drain the hull.

-Do most of you believe that allowing a transom mount drain plug is a good idea? and...

-If so, how to we petition the Class to allow the builder to make this rig standard issue or at least allow sailors to
make the retrofit without jeopardizing "race legal" status?

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
I agree Alan. The other thing I don't understand is that you have to use a plastic-coated wire traveler in order to be class legal. A piece of rope might even be a disadvantage in stead of an advantage.


Upside down?
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1. There must be a procedure to request a change to the class rules.
2. I met a competitor at a Sunfish regional event this year who had a drain plug in the stern of his fish. He told me it had been allowed at a Worlds event.

PS: Ron Eberle is the current measurer and we can consult him.


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I used to have a wooden Sailfish. It has two drainplugs. One on the deck just aft of the bow handle and the other is on the bottom of the transom for easy draining after a day of sailing.
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Hi, I am the head of the Advisory Council, which is the part of ISCA the considers and votes on rules changes. You can submit rules proposals to me for voting at the Worlds each year. I advise to those who want to propose a rules change to email the Advisory Council members to to try to gain support for the change ahead of time. The next meeting will be in Peru next year. The drain plug idea has never been presented before to my knowledge. The rope bridle used to be legal, but is not any more. It was too hard to police the lengths to be sure they were all legal. Going back to wire solved that problem. Chris