Why do you own more than one sunfish

I have a 75 sq ft sailfish sail that needs a little bit of repair. Its red, blue and white. It has a rip at the bill of the sailfish logo. To repair it you would need to get some red sail repair tape and put it over the rip on both sides. Then cut out some black tape (from a a sail number) and use it to recreate the sailfish bill. The sailmakers label is missing. The sail is usable, but not crisp like a new one would be. I'd just want shipping costs as I promised the person who gave it to me to pass it along to a good home.
I am most definitely interested how much would shipping cost ? I live in San Diego ca thank you so much I'm so excited how can we do this how can o send you a personal messege?

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That vintage sail would be perfect, as long it is for the Super Sailfish or Super Sailfish MKII. There is no difference in the logo between the Standard Sailfish and the other 2.

Back to the thread. Why do we own more than one Sunfish? We each need one to sail, plus spares in case friends drop by. Fiberglass boats used to get sailed the most but lately we've been taking the wooden boats out a bit more. Then there are the foster boats, fun to fix up, sail, then sell to new families. That is a ton of fun. Lagniappe Beach Sunfish.JPG


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I don't even have one Sunfish! But I do have a Super Porpoise, and it's likely to be an orphan. I'm still learning to sail, and its is fun to get out on the water and sail around.
I do however have 5 bicycles....
Be careful, South Tower Demon, that's usually how the addiction starts! It's often easier and cheaper to find a trailer with a 'fixer upper' on it than to buy a trailer on it's own. I currently have 3 Sunfish, 3 Sailfish and 3 Minifish. Plus 3 Seitech dollies and 3 trailers. Oh, and a couple of kayaks and a canoe and a 12' motorboat. I restore and resell and find great satisfaction in the process, plus have met fantastic people, have learned a great deal and in the end maybe make a buck or two.
I have a 2005 race Sunfish that I baby (always covered, well maintained. new sail every few years etc.) and a 1985 Sunfish that I keep on a ramp on my beach, uncovered, for fast access and a quick sail after my house chores are done. The '85 Sunfish is bare bones affair with no race go-fast gear to speak of other than a ratchet block and Harken cleat rig inspired by fellow Sunfish Forum poster, tag - my fish. However, I won't tell you now many rescue 'fish I have owned over the years...suffice to say I don't have enough fingers and toes to count them all. Getting them back on the water has been a source of great satisfaction for me.

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The red deck does get warm on a sunny day, but I sailed today on Cazenovia Lake (near Syracuse, NY) and as the high today was only 61 degrees, the warm deck felt just right. Hopefully we get a few more nice days in October before winter starts to set in.

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Just for the record, I'm up to four. :) But that should be halved by next July.

Just imagine selling the two best of my four Sunfish. :confused: