Where's Old Geezer???

Where's Old Geezer

  • drank too much & passed out in front computer

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  • found sunfish sailing on nude beach is more fun than posting here

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  • on rum run to carribean in sunfish to avoid import tax

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  • had to go to work....he's really the new pope

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  • banned from this forum by the moderator

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I'm so sorry my friends. I didn't know you'd miss me so much. As brother Timothy and a few others guessed I have been busy with my work the last few weeks after having to accept an unexpected promotion.

Sadly in my new role I may not have time for much Sunfish sailing. I used to enjoy our Sunday morning races on the River Tiber with my colleagues. It was a strange sight I am sure, as our profession required us all, male and female, to wear our working clothes while sailing. Some of the sisters had great difficulty getting under the boom - wimples are not really practical at such times.

I will miss sailing as I have always found it a wonderful escape from the pressures of everyday life - ever since I learned to sail in the Hitler Youth Movement. Aaah - happy days - faith and conviciton in a cause are so intoxicating. And did you know that lederhosen make great hiking pants? Try them some time. If only our beloved fuehrer could have found a way to relax occasionally.....things might have turned out so differently.

Perhaps I will find some time to escape next year to sail in the Midwinters in Naples. No - not Naples Florida my child....Naples, Sicily. The only problem I have is - does anyone have a design for a Sunfish roof-rack for a popemobile?

Bless you my children.

Your friend Bennie.