Where is your favorite fuel dock?

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We were heading out sailing off the South Florida coast this weekend on a Lagoon 4400 catamaran

but figured we'd top off on the fuel, you know, just in case, but our local fuel dock was closed for repairs so we needed a new fuel dock at a place that had enough draft for us (4'6").

I had read on a forum that I could look up marinas and fuel docks on my Navionics app. I tried it out and, wow, how cool! I found a bunch of fuel docks I didn't even know about.

Click the search icon in the upper left
Then click fuel station:

Then I was able to zoom in and, with the SonarChart turned on I could see exactly the depth throughout the marina.

When I clicked on the fuel dock I got gas prices, contact info and an option to navigate to that dock.

Turns out City of Hollywood Marina is one of our new favorites!
Where are your favorite fuel docks and marinas and how did you find out about them?