Where is the hull ID?

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I am attempting to title my Capri however the hull plate on the transom only seems to include the Serial Number. I believe that the full hull identification number is a composite of the Manufacturer's Identification Code, the Serial Number, the Date of Manufacture, and the Model Year, but this doesn't appear on the plate. Is it typical to only display the serial number or is there possibly another plate that I haven't found? Thanks!
Mine was on the upper port side of the outside of the transom and it was underneath the manufacturer plate on the inside of the transom. I unscrewed it to clean it and found a very clear copy of the long number.
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Thank you! I wouldn't have thought to look behind the plate but I was able to find it there. Is it typical for the number to be engraved by hand? I was expecting another plate or a stamp but it looks like it was carved into the transom by hand.