where do you keep your boat?

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hey, I am looking at a C 14 on ebay right not, it is actually the first post under the classifides in this forum.
I was wondering how you store your boat?
I live on the lake and was looking at for a smaller boat that I could pull up on my dock but the c14 looks to heavy. I don't have a launch at my house and would really like to not need to launch it every time I go out.

Is there anything that I should ask for other then more pics (which I have already gotten) before getting a boat like this off ebay?

I winch my Capri 14.2 onto a dock. My dock is about two feet above the water. I use a set of bunks that piviot. I can be sailing in about five minutes. Its great.
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nice... do you happen to have a picture? I don't want to put anything too permanent on my dock but I'm thinking that I could use a portable wench and some boards.... hmm... the wheels are starting to turn lol,
Look for products designed for jet skis. I know they have some sort of winch lift that might work, and save you some time in fabricating one. It may have to be modified slightly to accept a wider capri, but the weight should be no issue.
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thought of that but they cost more then the boat will lol...

I have ramps for my jetskis, is it ok to store the boat on a ramp (think two 2X8's standing up on end with the proper frame work holding it in place)... only problem is that you need to go out to the floating dock to get to water deep enought to keep the boat in the winter.
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can you just let them float in the water by the dock and paint the bottom or pull it out once a week to clean?
thanks again,
I have a boat tied to a buoy on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN. No need to clean the boat once a week or paint the bottom. Wherever a boat is you should be able to access it easily and often.

Sail Safe.

Several Yacht clubs I have visited keep their 420's on a floating dock. They put some padeyes to tie down the boat and they make a curved support section out of wood that goes under the bow to keep the boat from rocking on the dock, and to lift it up so water will drain. The best description of this piece would be a "bow cradle." The stern sits on the dock, and to launch you lift the bow and slide it in the water. They did have some dock corner bumper along the corner where the boat slides in the water so you don't chew up your undersides.
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Well I just got a 420!!!!!!

But I still have this problem, It took so long to rig and unrig and such that it was very frustraiting considering my house is on the lake, I'm thinking that I might just try to make a ramp for it, could you just keep it on a ramp that is made of two 2X6's with carpet...

what do you guys think.

Something like this.... its what we use for our Seadoo's, well the pics is of the seadoo's but you can kinda see the ramp.... will it be ok for the 420?

I know this isn't a 420 forum but I don't think that there is one and I know alot of you guys know about them too.



Well I know the collegiate 420s that I sail, the bottom fiberglass isn't super thick. Putting 2x6s on their ends isn't going to support the weight very well. They flatten out towards the back, but two bunks like the picture are going to "warp" the hull. If you can "slide" the boat onto the dock, The back is flat enough to lay without distorting. The front however will want to rock to one side or the other so you can built a v-shaped brace for the bow to fit into and some padeyes to tie it down. The raised bow section also enables the water to drain. That's how the 420s up at Austin Yacht Club are stored.
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ahh ok. Do you think I could pull it up on a dock that is about 2ft out of the water? I can't try right now because I broke my back a few months ago.

so the ramp is out... do you think I could just do a ramp but keep it flat accross on the bottom?

also do you know how to break down the hull number on the back to find the sail number and year?


P.S. took it out today and it filled full of water, need to find a way to plug the drain port in the back, drains more into the boat then out of the boat. lol
You could probably lift the bow out of the water. When we pull the boats out at AYC, there's usually about 3 of us, but we completely lift the boat out and up to prevent scratching the bottom. The bunks for the jet skis aren't bad if you use it to pull the boat up, just don't store it on them. Also a trailer winch to pull the boat up on the ramps could save your back. As for the drain plugs, our boats use threaded drain plugs, I know you can get them at west marine.
I know we had some FJs and we used a tennis ball and then a bungee run through it and it holds it tight against the hole. It worked for our purposes. We then stretched it up to a gudgeon or something and that kept it open when we stored them.
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ahh good idea. I actually went to ace hardwhere and got a ruber plug that was about 2in accross.... Plug worked fine but without wind I had to row my way around the lake. lol

Do you know of any 420 forums that arn't pot related and more about sailboats lol.

Also it seems like you guys know about them as well so I might just stick around if its ok.
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also does anyone know where to find a mast stepping kit for the 420.

I'm also thinking of just building another seadoo ramp but this time putting two STRONG walkways on either side and useing them as a ramp to wheel the entire trailer down into the water.

could this work?
Thanks again guys,
There's 3 different types of 420s that I'm aware of. If you can figure out which one you have, it may make it a little easier to direct you in the right way. I know if you don't have a spin set-up then it's a Collegiate 420. Club 420s are essentially the same as a Collegiate 420 except with the spinnaker. And lastly an International 420. On these the dimensions of the hull shape are changed slightly. I know for a fact that there is a forum for the International 420. Just do a google search and make sure it says "International 420 class" or something to that effect.
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ahhh thanks.

do you know if I can tell from the hin number, is one of the numbers the sail number or tell me the year?

VNG04194M83C or the last C could be an 0 not too sure

Here is a link to the add and no I didn't pay what he was asking... much much less

no spinniker though, don't know why he mentioned it

thanks man,

P.S. Do you happen to know if there is a mast stepping kit that I could use to help me out a bit?