Where can I purchase a new sunfish in CT?

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I'm having a devilish time trying to buy a new sunfish in NorthWest CT. I can travel in the general NYC area. I can't find any dealers anymore that sell sunfishs - new or old and I've scoured listings on sites like this one, Craigs List, usedsailboat sites, etc. - The only ones I've found are to buy brand new in Michigan, used ones too old, etc. - Help!
Have you looked at the Vanguard site? It looks like there are 4 or 5 dealers in CT + they have used boats listed. i think there's a 2006 on Long Island listed.
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thanks for your reply! Maybe I've been looking at the wrong Vanguard site - I keep being sent into the vanguardboats.com site which is more clearinghouse - do you have their exact website?? Thanks for your help.