What's it worth?

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I am wondering how to tell what the heck my Capri is worth. It is a 1990 14.2. It has a main sail, the jenny that came with it, a new jib and sunbrella cover. However, it has a 12 inch chip in the rub rail from bouncing off a dock. The rest is good. Is this worth anything? Can the rub rail be fixed? Would it be worth anything to a group as a donation or could they deal with the chip?

Some gelcoat damage is no big deal. Boats like your have been selling all the way from a low of $1200 to a high of $2200.00, depending on the condition of the boat, trailer and sails. Some have sold on eBay so check those prices. What part of the country are you located in as there are buyers looking here all the time. Set a price thats fair and it will sell off this board.
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Well, I'll have a look in my files and get a few to post.

So, it might be worth donating? I live in Southern California. I know there is a sail school in Long Beach that uses these. I was kind of thinking of Boy Scouts or something along those lines.

Thanks for the help, I will find a picture or two to post.