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What screws to use for attaching inspection port?


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I searched through this forum and didn't find a clean answer. I've opened an inspection port in the deck of my laser and fixed my leaky mast step. Now to attach the inspection port hardware i assume I will need to make a nice silicone seal around the port and screw into the deck... The question I have is what screws should I use? Stainless wood screws or similar? I figure I need to seal them up as well with silicone when I put them in. Am I missing anything?

Thanks for your advice?


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Since you have an opening to easily attach a washer/nut, I always feel more secure knowing that there is a nut/locknut or something on the end to prevent stripping or pulling out. Machine screw/SS with washers is a very good option. You can even go overboard (pun intended :D) and add a piece of backing material to adhere to the undersurface of the thin fiberglass deck to beef it up. Although, I haven't heard of many, if at all, inspection ports just ripping out from sailing. Maybe that is because the 4200/5200 used to seal them in place is probably what is primarily holding them in place better than the screws.


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Late to this thread, but don't use 5200 because it will make removal of the port very difficult. All you want is a good (waterproof!) seal.
A silicone sealant will be fine.