What is this knot/knit to tidy up unused part of the rope?

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I sometimes saw some sailers knit the rope end to shorten the too long unused rope end (and perhaps make it easier to grab). I have attached a photo I found in the internet, but I am not sure if this what I would like. I saw some sailers do this knitting very quickly by moving two hands.

I would like to lean how to do this. What is that knot/knit called? And it would be great if you can give me a pointer to the web page to describe it or Youtube video.


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I don't know if that has a proper knot name, people talk about just "braiding" their lines. I find doing that both useless and anachronistic. If you have trouble pulling a control line, either increase the purchase ratio or rig a real handle with a bowline + a pice of plastic or rubber tube. And if your lines are too long, just cut them to the right length!

These may have made sense in the days when neither handles nor (extra) blocks were allowed in the Laser, but that was in 2001. Sixteen years ago. Making them is a cultural relic; you don't see them much in other classes.

(And I think they're plain ugly, too.)
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Thank you very much for your feedback, LaLi. I thought that was a kind of cool thing to do, but from practicality perspective, it looks it is something we really do not need any more...