What is the ideal weight range for Ilca 7


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Hello I was wondering what is an ideal weight range for the Ilca 7. Rn I'm @ 78kg at 6'2ish so I don't know if its too light and it can get pretty windy where I am from. Thanks!
At 170 lbs and fairly tall, you should be fine. If you are physically fit and can hike hard that helps! What you lack in body weight you can make up in leverage. On windy days, you'll have to "vang sheet' so you're not overpowered upwind. Lots of info on that technique on line. There's also the ILCA 6 rig. Some people around your weight switch to that rig on really windy days. It's all about practicing in different conditions and building your skills in the boat.
Conor, you may appreciate a historical perspective here:

When the Olympics were held in your home waters, the winner in the Laser was your weight but 5 cm shorter.

The close runner-up was your height but 2 kg lighter.

The lightest competitor was 71 kg, and he finished sixth.

(The preceding is partially from memory, so may not be totally accurate... but not far off :rolleyes: )

Hey! Your weight is actually pretty close to the ideal range for the ILCA 7. At 78kg, you should have good control in windy conditions. Just keep practicing and adjusting your technique to match the conditions!