What Have I Bought - Is it a Butterfish?

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I have a new possession and am not sure what I have. The little boat was sold to me as a Sailfish but it is definitely not a Sailfish (it doesn't have a solid top).

It has a flat SCOW bow and the little boat looks like a Butterfly but it is 15.5' long instead of the 12' of a Butterfly. It has chain plate attach points for a forestay and shrouds and clam cleats outboard on both sides of the cockpit. It also has attach points for the rear yoke of a Sunfish or Sailfish that look like they were original equipment. Rudder attachement is identical to Sunfish but rudder is more round instead of long and slender.

It has a manufacturing plate on it identifying it as a Marbury (or Marburg) 15.5 built by a company called Fiber Glass Fabricators in Maryland. It came with a lateen rig with a Sailfish sail. It has a tapered mast with a halyard block mounted at the top.

Anybody have any idea what I have. For lack of a better name, I am calling it a Butterfish.

Louis Herndon