What do you think of this used 470 for $250


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So i came across this used 470 for $250. I was wondering if some of you could give a second opinion of the boat. The hull doesn't have any holes or damage. Could the deck be cleaned ? The centerboard seems really old... and what about those screws sticking out of the hull/deck on the second picture. P.S. All the sails are missing ! So that could be a game changer if they're really hard to get by

(This would be my first boat)
Any advice is welcomed !
Cheers !
I would say it would take a lot of work and some money to get it back. Sails would be that bad there are tons of them around. Mine came with 4 mains 2 jibs and and a spin. I paid $1000 for mine it's a 73 and put a lot of work and runs and looks great. All new running rigging will be upwards of $400. Just my thoughts if your up for it but I would find a newer boat.
An old trailer is worth more than $250, they threw in a boat to boot- not bad. If you need parts for an older boat or sails, our local community sailing center stripped several 470s when decommissioning the boats. They have parts at very reasonable prices. Contact Peter at MCSC (414) 277-9094 or [email protected] and he'll help you out at a reasonable (tax deductible) price