What do you call this?


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I would like to order a replacement joint elbow, where the boom connects to the mast, but I don't know what the part is called. :confused: Attached is a photo of the part. Can anyone tell me its name?


Gust Ho, I believe you are looking for a "gooseneck assembly", Catalina part# D1221. You can go on their website at www.catalinadirect.com to preview it and confirm it before ordering. The slide for the mast is only $23.49, but the entire assembly is $86.67 (I believe that included shipping too). I know that because one of my pin holders for the tack of the main was broken and I had to replace the piece/assembly too. Contact Catalina Direct at (800) 959-7245 for further assistance. Hope this helps.

Fish (Sail# 1992) '87 Mod I


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Thanks for the picture

This picture is a surprise for me, since I have never used a stop nut above the goose neck slider. I usually raise the main sail all the way up and use the Cunningham to tension the main sail luff, letting the boom slide freely in the mast groove. The previous owner instructed me that it should be assembled that way but every other boat that I see has a stopper that keeps the boom down when raising the main.

How do you deal with boom assembly/disassembly rapidly when trailering like I do?



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Thanks fish 89...not only the name, but number too. :D Fortunately, I’ll only need the slide.

Hey Jfg...happy to help, even if unintentionally. For over a decade, I kept Gusto-Ho in a slip for easy sailing after work. Now, I’m hoping to daysail from my trailer. So, I would like to know the answer to your rapid rigging question.
This picture caused me to look at my mast. I have two of these stop nuts in the mast track, both well below the boom (in other words, unused).

Since I have both a downhaul and a grommet for a cunningham, I haven't missed using this, but I could see that someone that leaves their boat moored might find it convenient.

- Eric


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Taking another gander...

When I bought my 14.2 new in 1985, this is how (see above photo) the gooseneck was installed by the dealer.
Now, when I look closely at the rigging diagram (page 6 of the manuel) it appears that the cunningham hole,
on my gooseneck, is upside-down. :eek: